Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

Targeted strengthening & optimal build-up

Our newly opened sports and rehabilitation offers your horse an Aquatrainer (water treadmill), thermium and solarium in order to provide targeted strengthening and an optimal build-up of muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments.

On the other hand, we provide horses with a tailor-made training program during the convalescence phase after injuries and operations.

Each horse will - in consultation with your veterinarian - receive a training program tailored to his needs; our experienced team of veterinarians is taking care of the welfare of your horse. Furthermore, we offer osteopathic and chiropractic treatments through trained specialist veterinarians of our team.

In addition to an in-patient stay, there is of course the possibility to use our sports and rehabilitation center on an outpatient basis.

Generous outdoor area

Generous outdoor area

The horses are housed in spacious stalls and have the possibility to look outside. Depending on the training program there is also the possibility to use the roundpen or paddock.
Aquatrainer by the company Aktivo-med©

Aquatrainer by the company Aktivo-med©

Our Aquatrainer by the company Aktivo-med© allows a precise training of ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles due to the constant movement on the treadmill at individually adapted water levels and running speeds.
Thermium of the company Ruku©

Thermium of the company Ruku©

The thermium of the company Ruku © is an infrared box working enclosed box. Compared to the solarium, the temperature of the entire body is increased in the thermium to provide stress reduction during the tournament season.
Light Therapy

Light Therapy

An integrated light program also enhances the well-being and stimulates the metabolism of your horse based on the light therapy through its different colors.

Further information and information about our pricing can be obtained by calling the main number of the Pferdeklinik Großwallstadt during business hours.
Please make appointments via the veterinary clinic for horses Großwallstadt.


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Our sport and rehabilitation center (headed by Dr. med. Vet. Kerstin Fischer) is located about 200 m from the actual clinic area on the well-known western resort Jomm Ranches.
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