Die Pferdeklinik Großwallstadt sucht noch motivierte Tierärzte/Tierärztinnen für das Internship.
In unserem kleinen Image-Film gibt es einen Einblick in den Tagesablauf und Erfahrungsberichte der aktuellen und ehemaligen Interns.

Liebe(r) Patientenbesitzerin und Patientenbesitzer,
uns liegt das Wohl Ihrer Pferde, unseren Patienten am Herzen. Sicher haben Sie die aktuellen Entwicklungen der Herpes Infektion verfolgt. Wir möchten unsere Klinikpatienten bestmöglich schützen.

Daher bitten wir, auch in Ihrem Interesse, um Beachtung einiger, vorübergehender Vorsichtsmaßnahmen:

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The team of the Veterinary Competence Center for Horses Großwallstadt Altano GmbH and the EquiProDenta are pleased to announce that from now on we also offer computed tomography (CT) examinations.

The Aquillion device from Toshiba has been strengthening the diagnostic capabilities of our clinic for a few weeks now and offers our equine patients an examination at the highest level.

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We care…! Because it's our passion! Age is not a disease!

In fact, growing old is a privilege. Although it would be better to remain young for life, that is not possible. However what IS possible is to remain HEALTHY! That’s what we strive for our geriatric patients at Pferdeklinik Großwallstadt.
Old horses are subject to a number of specific age-related conditions that are mostly manageable if taken care of regularly. We at Pferdeklinik Großwallstadt think that every horse deserves the same diligent attention and professionalism, no matter how old he or she is.

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You have found your horse laying down and looking at his belly. Then he started getting up and down, pawing and looking visibly uncomfortable. You have called your veterinarian immediately and in the meantime you have walked your horse for an hour. Your veterinarian has examined the horse and sent him immediately to the clinic, and here you are, it’s midnight, it’s cold outside, you are exhausted and sleep deprived and on top of all of that, you need to decide if your horse can go for colic surgery.

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