We care…! Because it's our passion! Age is not a disease!

In fact, growing old is a privilege. Although it would be better to remain young for life, that is not possible. However what IS possible is to remain HEALTHY! That’s what we strive for our geriatric patients at Pferdeklinik Großwallstadt.
Old horses are subject to a number of specific age-related conditions that are mostly manageable if taken care of regularly. We at Pferdeklinik Großwallstadt think that every horse deserves the same diligent attention and professionalism, no matter how old he or she is.

Our team of experienced and compassionate veterinarians will assess the health of your old companion through a thorough clinical examination especially focused on the cardiovascular function and respiratory system, an examination of the oral cavity and teeth, and specific blood tests.

We offer a package service for horses 20 year old and above,

which includes:
• Intake of the case according to the anamnesis sheet
• once a year clinical exam with special focus on cardiovascular system
• Once a year oral exam with control of the teeth
• Once a year bloodwork, if indicated with PPID check (also known as Cushing’s disease)
• Twice a year worm check with subsequent specific deworming recommendations
• Creating a digital file for pictures and findings in our patient management software

The clinical exam and bloodwork should be performed in late spring because the Cushing test is not reliable in the fall. The worm checks should be performed in late spring and late fall.

Please consult with our office for pricing details.

Phone: 06022-265970
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