Almost all horse owners have been in this situation at least once: you go get your horse from the pasture, and he is so lame he cannot even bear full weight on one leg! The first thought that comes to your mind is that he has broken his leg somewhere.

Frequently, it is only a hoof abscess, or a bruise. In individual cases, however, it is actually a fracture.

Twenty years ago this diagnosis was a death sentence for a horse. But thanks to advances in medicine as well as to the latest technologies and developments in fracture fixation, veterinarians are now often able to help these horses.

For several years now our clinic has been fully equipped with fracture fixation sets and offers "round the clock" in-depth knowledge and best equipment to treat fractures in the horse.

We have diagnosed and successfully treated many fracture patients which have returned do different levels of soundness.

For example this racehorse:
After the training, the horse returned into the stable non-weight bearing on one limb. Mobile, digital X-ray technology enabled on-site diagnosis:
Fracture of the lateral condyle of the metacarpus.
The horse was double bandaged and transported to our clinic. The following day he was placed under general anesthesia and the fracture was fixed using cortical screws.

Fourteen months later the horse raced again and WON!

This is, of course, just an example, but this horse proves that a fracture is not always the end of a horse’s life ...

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